For Inverter Manufacturers

The market for solar inverters is highly competitive. Product price remains a key vendor selection factor, yet there are ways to differentiate and offer value that customers recognize, and a growing number of inverter companies offer monitoring and maintenance services. SOLICHAMBA can work collaboratively with your organization to answer important questions such as:

– What is the best monitoring platform among the variety of solutions available in the marketplace (and sometimes internally-developed systems)?

– What is the service infrastructure I need in order to meet my contractual commitments for inverter uptime, performance, and service response? How does this infrastructure need to scale in the future as my business grows? Should I perform these functions in-house or consider outsourcing?

– How can I use monitoring and operations & maintenance in order to create a competitive advantage for my inverter products and create new revenue lines for improved margin?

– Does it make sense to acquire existing technology or services companies in order to accelerate time to market? Which companies should I consider?

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