For Developers & EPC Firms

Many solar project developers and engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) firms are facing challenges and dilemmas regarding the monitoring of PV power plants, their ongoing operations & maintenance, and the reporting of asset performance to customers and investors. SOLICHAMBA can work collaboratively with your organization to answer important questions such as:

– What is the best monitoring platform for my needs among the variety of solutions available in the marketplace (and sometimes internally-developed systems)?

– What operations & maintenance infrastructure do I need in order to ensure satisfactory plant performance and meet my contractual commitments? How does this infrastructure need to scale in the future as my business grows? Should I perform these functions in-house or outsource them to a service provider?

– How can I increase asset performance and improve the efficiency of my power plant operations in order to create a competitive advantage?

– How can I use O&M services to create a differentiated offer for my customers?

– Does it make sense to create a separate service company and brand?

To learn more about what SOLICHAMBA can do for your business, please contact us.