For O&M Providers

Operations & maintenance (O&M) of solar PV assets is an increasingly crowded and competitive market where success requires efficient and consistent delivery of high-quality services. SOLICHAMBA can work collaboratively with your organization to answer important questions such as:

– What is the best monitoring platform for my needs among the variety of solutions available in the marketplace (and sometimes internally-developed systems)?

– What are the service infrastructure and tools I need in order to improve delivery of service and increase staff efficiency while ensuring high asset performance and compliance with contractual commitments? How does this infrastructure need to scale in the future as my business grows? Which functions should I perform in-house, and which ones should be subcontracted?

– How can I market my services in a way that increases differentiation?

– How can I enter new markets or segments?

– Does it make sense to grow via M&A? Which companies should I look at acquiring?

To learn more about what SOLICHAMBA can do for your business, please contact us.