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Solar PV Asset Management Trends Update: To get an insider’s view of a new report, called “Solar PV Asset Management, 2017 to 2022” and the trends it reveals, Solar O&M Insider talked with Cedric Brehaut from SOLICHAMBA and Laks Sampath of Alectris. May 2017.

Watts Up In Solar (Episode 5): Edmee Kelsey, founder of renewable asset management software firm 3megawatt, Tom Tansy, President of SunSpec Alliance, and Cedric Brehaut, founder of SOLICHAMBA, discuss trends in asset management. February 2017.

The Rise of Third-Party O&M Service Providers: Laks Sampath, Country Manager at O&M services and software provider Alectris, and Cedric Brehaut, founder of SOLICHAMBA, discuss the different players active in the O&M space. August 2016.